Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Picked up some chocolate Dymatize Natural protein powder today. It's a combo of whey isolate and concentrate, sweetened with stevia. All I've had in the way of protein powder for the last couple of months has been whey isolate and I can tolerate that, but it seems that whey concentrate still doesn't agree with me - it makes my stomach bloat and gives me wind. One scoop down, 67 scoops to go, groan.

Today's food
walk with Rob and TJ
M1: pear and cinnamon protein pancake, yoghurt, flax oil
M2: kangaroo patty, vege sticks, walnuts
M3: spicy almond chicken, cabbage, zucchini
M4: kangaroo patty, vege sticks, pistachios
M5: chicken stir-fry, sweet potato
M6: choc protein, strawberries


Chelle said...

I'm the same girl, its the extra bit of lactose and dairy fat (i think) in the WPC that i don't digest properly!

Charlotte Orr said...

It sucks. Dymatize put lactase in their products but it still doesn't help me. Oh well, will stick to the isolates from now on.

Kek said...

Does it help if you have less? Maybe half a serve and mix it with something else for extra protein?

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kek, will give that a try

Raechelle said...

It seems allot of protein powders are going the stevia way. Our company just switched (Aussie Bodies) so we haven't tried it yet.
Aside from the bloat-what did you think of the taste?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte, how did the interview go? (Finally made myself 'known' after lurking for months...)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Raechelle, I use stevia a bit in other things and have no problems with the taste. I'm not that keen on the taste of whey concentrate in general though as tastes too 'milky'. Will have to check out the Aussie Bodies one. Thanks, C

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kate, thanks for 'delurking'! The interview went pretty well. It was for a big publishing company working on lifestyle books (craft, cooking etc). Will know more end of this week/early next week. Cheers, C

Raechelle said...

The one we use (Perfect Protein) is a concentrate and contains wheat and milk...so might not be for you, but I think they do have a WPI...we've used Aussie Bodies for years.

Charlotte Orr said...

Cool, thanks Raechelle