Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday - not a day to remember

Had a bit of a shitty start to my day - discovered my Facebook account had been hacked into overnight and the 'fake me' had been chatting to several people via Facebook, trying to get money off them. I have deactivated my Facebook account. I am also back on sole dog-walking duty as Rob can't see well enough to make his own breakfast, let alone walk the dog.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Am looking forward to training in the morning, and will try and pick up my new glasses in the afternoon.

Today's food
M1: oats, egg whites, blackberries, yoghurt, flax oil
M2: kangaroo patty, sweet potato, salad
M3: spicy almond chicken, cabbage, zucchini
walk TJ
M4: protein shake, apple
M5: venison sausage, salad, walnuts
M6: prawn stir-fry, walnuts

I will lose 10kg by 31 December


Nicole said...

Those hackers are buggers aren't they??!!! I had the same issue a while back but only with someone getting into my account and posting some wierd message on all of my friends pages - VERY ANNOYING!! Good luck with the solo dog walking!! Nicole xx P.S. haha my verification word is hacks!!

Raechelle said...

Bummer about the FB thing...I've seen allot of hacker things going around lately.
Hope Rob's eyes heal quickly!

Shaboom said...

Oh my goodness - that seems to be happening alot more now with FB!! Hope no one gave them money! I knew there was a reason I closed mine down :) Hope your week gets better.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Nicole, yes they are very annoying!!! Rob's eye is healing quickly so he was able to walk with me this morning - yay! LOL at the verification word!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Raechelle, yeah, it's kind of put me off using Facebook again. I will pass on your message to Rob, thanks!

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Shannon, I hope it does too!