Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Program 1, Day 2

Hot day today. I walked to the gym this afternoon and was almost there when I realised I'd left my workout notes at home. So I turned around, walked home, got my notes and walked back again. So about 45 minutes of walking in the heat before I even got to start my workout. Felt a bit dehydrated not long after starting but slowly felt better as I consumed my workout drinks.

Today's workout consisted of soft-tissue mobilization, dynamic warm-up and activation exercises as for Day 1, followed by

4. Strength training
-Plate squats
-Split stance cable pulldown
-Prone row to external rotation
-Side plank
-Band internal rotation

5. Energy system training
- KB swings on the minute

6. Post workout stretching
- quad stretch
- calf stretch

Today's food
M1 protein shake, muesli, eggs
walk TJ
M2 chicken, green beans, pesto
M3 chicken salad, nuts
M4 kangaroo patty, sweet potato, cauliflower
M5 tuna salad with wasabi dressing, sweet potato

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