Thursday, July 1, 2010


Skin is feeling good today. Am drinking more water in the mornings so think that is helping.

Today's food and exercise:
2pm toast spread with avocado and topped with chicken, tomato, cucumber and sprouts; broccoli; apple; fish oil

5pm upper body push

6pm chicken, sweet potato, tomato soup
weight watchers sticky date pudding (disappointing)

8pm gluten-free lamington (yum!) while watching the Masterchef bake-off

10pm cottage cheese, pineapple


Michelle said...

I hope your lamington was nicer than the ones the Masterchef contestants made. They had a shocker!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Michelle, it was just a bought one - Patties gluten-free lamingtons found in the freezer at Coles - but very nice. The contestants did have a shocker didn't they - I can't believe some of them had never made cakes before! Cooking in an oven you're not familiar with can be tricky though.