Sunday, July 11, 2010

All Female Classic

Had a great day on Saturday. Slept in then had coffee

and lunch (tomato soup with chilli, kidney beans, kangaroo mince, goat cheese and avocado)

Kek picked me up shortly afterwards and we went into town. I stocked up with a few things from Evelyn Faye and got some new mascara, had another coffee, then met up with Shannon and Selina before heading off to the All Female Classic.

There was a really wide range of 'conditioning' on show. The class I most enjoyed watching was Physique Open. Fern was so happy and full of energy on stage - she rocked it!

With Fern Punturiero, winner of the Physique Open class - nice to finally meet you in person Fern!

I also enjoyed watching Rae's graceful routine.

It was great to catch up with Lia and Katie, and meet Tiarna.

I much preferred the 'one show' format of this year's comp, and liked the fact that routines were optional.

While at the show I ate the food I prepared earlier:
kangaroo patty, kidney beans, spicy bean salsa and cauliflower


cottage cheese, cocoa, stevia and almond butter, and a mandarin

After the comp we headed back into town and scored a table at Movida Next Door, a little tapas bar on Flinders St. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine

and a good chat with the girls

Then it was home to bed.


Kek said...

"There was a really wide range of 'conditioning' on show."

Ah, you're so much kinder than I, Charlotte....

It was fun, wasn't it?

Charlotte Orr said...

LOL! It was lots of fun!