Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chocolate-Banana Tofu Pudding

-1 ripe banana, broken into chunks
-300g pack silken tofu (I used Blue Lotus brand)
-scant 2 tsp stevia powder
-5 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
-3 Tbsp milk or milk substitute (I used lactose-free milk)
-1 pinch ground cinnamon

Use a stab mixer or blender to puree all ingredients together until smooth. Pour into serving dishes and refrigerate for one hour. Garnish with whatever you fancy - I used a few frozen raspberries.

Adapted from this recipe, which makes four servings. I just scraped as much as I could into my parfait glass and put it into the fridge to set, then ate the rest out of the mixing bowl!


Anonymous said...

I did one similar from "The Eat-Clean Diet Cook Book".


Charlotte Orr said...

Ah, I thought it sounded familiar!

Anonymous said...

LOVED meeting you Charlotte xo

Charlotte Orr said...

It was great to meet you too Fern! xo