Monday, July 19, 2010

Knuckling Down

I had a less-than-stellar (OK, crap) week on the food front last week. Too much in the way of bread and spreads, and then there was the chocolate self-saucing pudding and ice cream on Saturday night (fine as a treat but not really necessary given everything else I'd eaten during the week).

It's time to start knuckling down. Am aiming to consume mostly unprocessed foods, and to start bumping up my walking again.

Training deadlifts tonight - looking forward to it.


Chelle said...

I'm hearing ya girl! I was way too lax last week and as a result i'm carrying 10 tonne worth of fluid today argh!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Chelle, yeah my weight has jumped up a bit - here's hoping it's mostly fluid, LOL!