Monday, July 5, 2010

Narrowing an Eating Disorder

If you have access to the Precision Nutrition forums, you may find this thread interesting.

I particularly identified with Lauroo, who had this to say:

What I have found helpful is simply to stop reading/listening to what other people are saying/preaching/suggesting about how/what I should eat.

Instead of spending hours of my time over-analyzing everything about eating/food, I took a huge step back and began eating foods I want to eat at times when I felt like eating them.

I do loosely follow a set of "rules" by eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods, cooking meals instead of dining out, keeping portions reasonable but most importantly just listening to what my body is asking for.


Sunday's food

12.30 tomato soup with chilli, refried beans, goat cheese, kangaroo mince and avocado

2.30 poached egg, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato, silverbeet

5.30 leftover vege and tofu curry

and half a grapefruit

9.30 cottage cheese, cocoa, stevia, peanut butter


ss2306 said...

Love your work Charlotte :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Shelley!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte

I enjoy reading your blog and have done so for a while. Would you be so kind as to share the receipe for your cottage cheese/cocoa/stevia/peanut butter mix. It looks awesome and I've been wanting to know the quantities so I can give it a crack.



Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kylie, thanks for reading. I'll add the quantities to my next post. Cheers, Charlotte