Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dog Day

TJ has been shivering a lot in the evenings lately. He often ends up on the couch with one of us, wrapped in a blanket. Yesterday I noticed a pet warehouse had opened up near our house, so today we took him there to try on a coat. He was very excited about it! I put it on him this evening when it started to get cold and he has been much happier - no more shivering.

Tuesday's food

noon: skinny flat white after taking TJ shopping

2pm tomato soup with refried beans, kangaroo mince, goat cheese, avocado and coriander

6.30pm steak, salad with chickpeas, tomato, capsicum, lime juice and coriander

8.30pm cottage cheese, cocoa, stevia and almond butter

and half a grapefruit

Still tweaking my carb/fat ratios on my non-training days. Had a bit more legumes and a bit less cheese today. Mood is good!


Raechelle said...

Aww-too cute TJ!

Stephanie Davis said...

TJ is a cutie alright!! :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Raechelle and Steph - he is cute isn't he!