Monday, May 10, 2010

This Week’s Menu

I’m going to be busy this week and may not be able to post regularly. Thought I’d do a quick summary of my menu for the week ahead instead. For simplicity’s sake, most of my meals are going to be the same each day, with dinner being the main thing that changes. Here’s the plan:

Breakfast: oats, dried fruit, milk, flax oil

Morning tea: rice protein shake with milk, fruit

Lunch: toasted sandwich with tomato paste, spinach, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and mix of low-fat feta and cheddar cheeses; veggie sticks; fruit

Afternoon tea: same as morning tea

Dinner (with fish oil and fruit):

  • Mon – Dahl, brown rice, peas and zucchini
  • Tues – Leftover lamb and silverbeet casserole from last week, mopped up with bread
  • Wed – Huntsman’s Chicken, gluten-free pasta, broccoli
  • Thurs – Something with tuna. Haven’t decided yet. Any (low fat) suggestions?
  • Fri – Leftover dahl, brown rice, veggies

In between I will be juggling two jobs and organising an offer on a house. The latter involves liaising with the lawyer, savings bank, mortgage broker, registry office (so I can buy a house in my married name; apparently the ceremonial certificate you receive on your wedding day is not valid for financial purposes), real estate agent etc. Hope I don’t explode!

Have a great week!

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