Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Breakfast was oats with egg whites and cranberries, as per the recipe on Jeh’s sidebar:

3May2010 005 

I struggled a bit to get to the gym today and to get into my workout, but started enjoying myself once I was about halfway through it.

After training I had a rice protein shake and some ryvita crackers:

3May2010 001 

and an apple:

19April2010 004

Lunch was pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato soup (with some black beans blended in for protein):

3May2010 002 

For afternoon tea I had a mix of rice protein, cocoa, stevia and almond butter, topped with pomegranate seeds:

3May2010 006 

Dinner was kangaroo sausage and salad:

 3May2010 007

and an apple:

19April2010 004

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Best Protein said...

Cool post. The food looks absolutely inviting. As I learn to cook better I am enjoying the fact that I can eat healthy and still satisfy my pallet. Best of both worlds so to speak.