Sunday, May 2, 2010


Measurement day. Weight is back up to what it was before I had food poisoning, minus 100g. Am happy with that as I ate quite a bit before bed last night, and I’m still ahead of schedule (it’s 1/3 of the way through the year and I’m nearly halfway towards my goal of losing 10kg by the end of the year).

Had a sleep-in and wasn’t that hungry when I woke up (but felt like having a coffee) so I had morning tea for my first meal -  a coffee with lactose-free milk and Vanilla Pecan Cookies:

29April2010 001

Once my appetite came back, I made us breakfast. In our fruit and vege box this week, we got a pomegranate:

1May2010 001

1May2010 002

so I decided to make Pomegranate Cranberry Almond Oatmeal. I made it with cooked brown rice instead of oatmeal, since Rob was having some too (and he doesn’t eat foods containing gluten). Here are our two bowls. His is the double serving on the left:

1May2010 004


1May2010 005

It was delicious!

I also had a small rice protein shake:

1May2010 003

For lunch I had a salad with kale, tomato, avocado, pumpkin seeds, spring onion, coriander, black beans and tofu:

1May2010 006 

After that we walked TJ down to the shops to get some supplies for dinner. When we got back I decided to make a Strawberry Lime Coconut Smoothie. I thought it would be perfect to use up the few frozen berries left in the freezer, the withered lime in the fruit bowl, and the leftover coconut milk from Thursday night’s curry. I used a little bit of xanthan gum for the thickener (I had a packet in the pantry from making gluten-free hot cross buns a few weeks ago), and I was able to eat the smoothie with a spoon:

1May2010 008 

1May2010 009

We were due to go next door for a BBQ about 4pm but I was feeling really tired so decided to take a quick nap first. I woke up three hours later! Guess I was still a bit groggy when I went next door because I forgot to take my camera, but I ended up having a glass and a half of cab merlot, some hummus and salad, (too many) dinner rolls and a bit of steak. Came home about 2am and had a couple of pieces of toast, then went to bed.

Things I learnt today:

1. A bowl of oats is not enough to get me through the day without feeling cranky. I was in a foul mood after my nap and didn’t realise why until I was stuffing my face with dinner rolls at the BBQ and Rob asked me ‘are the carbs making you feel better?’

2. I’m still not able to stop eating white bread once I start. 

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SuccessfullySlim said...

I've got some kale growing in the backyard and have thrown it in various hot dishes, but never eaten it in a salad, I'll have to try that.