Friday, May 21, 2010


Its been a busy week! Had the day at home on Monday to sort out and submit all the house paperwork to the real estate agent and mortgage broker. The rest of the week has seen me travelling into Lonely Planet for work (nine hours' work per day plus an hour travel each way), and doing more house-related paperwork and phone calls. I'm looking forward to popping into Borders for a bit of end-of-week relaxation on the way home! I'll be working again over the weekend to get my proofreading job finished by Monday, then back into Lonely Planet again for the next two weeks. Next week will also involve instructing our lawyer over some issues we have with the building inspection; taking out building insurance on the new house (which needs to be done from now, not the settlement date in 90 days); changing our life insurance etc; and doing a nutrition presentation for students at the college Rob teaches at. When it rains, it pours, LOL.

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