Saturday, May 1, 2010


I was hungry when I woke up this morning and I ended up grazing for much of the day.

For breakfast I had Cheesy Bacon Oatmeal:

30April2010 005 

and a grapefruit:

 30April2010 007

Usually this is a good pre-workout meal but it didn’t cut it this morning. I struggled to get through my cross-trainer intervals at the end of my workout.

After training I had a smoothie with rice protein and banana:

30April2010 008 

followed by Caitlin’s quesdilla with low-fat cheese, mushrooms, green pepper, onions and black beans, and some salsa:

 30April2010 009

It was OK but could have done with something spicy in it since I wasn’t using Mexican cheese.

After that I went into town. While there I had an Organic food bar, protein variety:

 27March2010 006

and picked up my first-ever pair of prescription sunglasses:

30April2010 013

When I got home I had a coffee with lactose-free milk and Vanilla Pecan Cookies:

29April2010 001

A bit later I had a mix of choc protein powder and cocoa, drizzled with warm almond butter:

30April2010 012

and an apple:

19April2010 004

Had some good (financial) news this afternoon, so when Cleary bought home a bottle of cab merlot, I had a glass to celebrate:

30April2010 015

then made dinner, which was lamb kebabs, tabouli (both from the Precision Nutrition recipe book), tzatziki, hummus and chilli sauce. I had an open packet of corn tortillas that needed using up, so used one as a wrap:

30April2010 014

It was yummy but I wasn’t satisfied so followed it up with a carrot:

30April2010 017

and some dried dates (x 2):

30April2010 018

A bit later I had some oats mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice and some raisins:

30April2010 019

and toast with butter and honey (x 2):

30April2010 020

then toddled off to bed finally feeling satisfied.

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