Thursday, May 6, 2010


My body seems to be wanting more food (carbs) at night time lately. My preferred workout time at the moment is after breakfast, so usually I’d have most of my carbs around this time. However, I’m ahead of schedule in terms of weight loss so am going to try including more carbs at night time (and a bit less fat elsewhere in my diet) and see how my body responds.

So this morning for breakfast I had low-fat cheese and tomato on sprouted grain toast:

5May2010 001 

Then I headed off to the gym to do weights plus cross-trainer intervals. Had a great workout today, probably courtesy of all the fruit buns I ate last night!

After training I had a protein shake with lactose-free milk, rice protein and banana:

5May2010 002

Lunch was a toasted sandwich with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, low-fat feta cheese and pizza paste:

 5May2010 003

plus some salad with pineapple:

 5May2010 004

For afternoon tea I had a rice protein shake and an apple:

4May2010 001

Then we went to look at an open home. We liked it and think we will put in an offer on it.

For dinner I made a lentil shepherd’s pie with sweet potato topping and a side of broccoli:

5May2010 006

I also had a piece of bread to mop up the sauce:

5May2010 005 

and a bit of fruit salad:

 5May2010 007

That didn’t keep me full for long so I had some oats, raisins and yoghurt (x 2):

5May2010 008

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