Monday, May 3, 2010


Had a big sleep-in after a late night last night. When we finally got up I made French toast with gluten-free bread, grilled banana and bacon, and maple syrup:


Morning tea was coffee with lactose-free milk and Vanilla Pecan Cookies:

29April2010 001

For lunch I had lean beef chilli and silverbeet on gluten-free pasta:

2May2010 001 

I just had a small dinner, a piece of silverbeet and egg ‘pie’:

2May2010 002 

because I was saving room for the Raw Vegan Brownies that Rob made for dessert (x2): 

2May2010 003 

Later I had half a large pear (x2)

29April2010 006

and some popcorn (x2)

2May2010 004

Before bed I had four pieces of toast with cheese.

Must. stop. snacking. on. toast.

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