Friday, May 7, 2010


We just took TJ out for a short walk along the bike track this morning as it was drizzling. We also had to allow a bit of time to put some drops in his ears when we got back. He’s got a bit of gunk in them at the moment – the poor thing keeps shaking his head  all the time. Apparently ear problems are quite common in labs.

After playing vet I had oats cooked with water, salt and banana, and topped with banana, soy milk, flax oil and cinnamon. Yum!

6May2010 010 

For morning tea I had a coffee with lactose-free milk:

 6May2010 001

a choc rice protein shake and an apple:

4May2010 001 

Lunch was a toasted sandwich with low-fat feta cheese, artichoke hearts, olives and pizza paste:

6May2010 003 

some steamed cauli:

6May2010 002 

and a few dried cranberries:

 6May2010 004

For afternoon tea I had a hot cocoa with lactose-free milk:

6May2010 005 

and vanilla rice protein mixed with apple and cinnamon:

6May2010 006 

Dinner was split pea soup, with toast:

6May2010 007 

and half a large pear:

29April2010 006

Later I had kangaroo sausages (x 2):

6May2010 011 

some broccoli leftovers:

6May2010 008 

and a carrot:

6May2010 009 

Today I started proofreading a book on TV-free activities for kids. I’m enjoying it so far! Next week I will be juggling the proofreading with some in-house work at Lonely Planet. I’d still like to get to the gym if I can, but it will most probably be after work. I’ve planned a few crockpot meals for next week, so I can just come in the door and eat after training. 


Magda said...

I'm firing up my slow cooker a bit lately Charoltte and I love the stuff that comes out of it. Last Sunday was beef in red wine and it was to die for. Even Peter said it was better than he expected (previous attempts have not been as successful). Slow cookers rule!!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, thanks for your comment! I've actually got something in the slow cooker now and it's starting to smell good already!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte.
I love your blog and love the food photos. Your meals look so delicious and healthy. Could you tell me if you count calories? If so what would a days worth of calories be for you?
Thanks Christine

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Christine, thanks for visiting and I'm glad you like the photos!

I don't count calories as such. What I tend to do is set up a rough 'menu' for a day. Then to give myself variety I just substitute different foods of a roughly equivalent value. I might do that for a couple of weeks, then make up another menu. I 'plan' to eat around 1700 calories a day, but it's often more than that, especially on a weight-training day or the weekend.
Hope that helps!