Monday, February 28, 2011

End of Week 8

Start: 63.5kg
End of week 1: 62.6
End of week 2: 62.1 (TOM)
End of week 3: 61.9
End of week 4: 61.9
End of week 5: 61.3
End of week 6: 61.9 (TOM)
End of week 7: 60.8
End of week 8: 61.2

Weight still hovering around the 61 mark. I did less cardio than usual this week (see below) so not really surprised.


I trialled the gym across the road last week. It doesn't open until 6am so I've been playing with my workout schedule a bit to try and fit everything in. I did enjoy training there so I joined up this morning. I'll alternate weight-training days and cardio days for the next five weeks while I'm still working a long way from home. Once I start working from home again I'll have a couple of extra hours up my sleeve each day so will amp things up more then.

This morning I did upper body then took TJ out for a walk.

Food so far
- breakfast: crushed Weetbix and Allbran mixed with sultanas and yoghurt
- lunch: Burgen bread with roast beef, pickle, alfalfa sprouts, avocado and cos lettuce; yoghurt and fresh figs

To come
- peach, brazil nuts
- barramundi, warm roast vege salad
- cocoa (milk)

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