Sunday, February 20, 2011

End of Week 7

Start: 63.5kg
End of week 1: 62.6
End of week 2: 62.1 (TOM)
End of week 3: 61.9
End of week 4: 61.9
End of week 5: 61.3
End of week 6: 61.9 (TOM)
End of week 7: 60.8

Finally into the 60s, yay! And I'm completely bamboozled about how I did it. I've had a break from training and 'healthy eating' since Wednesday. I've slept more, and eaten cereal for dinner, except on Friday, when I had fish and chips and a Magnum. There's also been a jam doughnut and a packet of Twisties in there somewhere.

I don't think I've been eating enough during the day, so by the time I get home from work I'm starving (hence the cereal for dinner). The last couple of days I've had bigger meals during the day and felt much less like eating the contents of the pantry in the evening. Will see if it continues to work during the week next week.


Chelle said...

Yay for the 60s!!! I agree it is wierd how the body drops the kgs!

oh and btw, i love reading your personal posts ;D

Kek said...

Fish and chips, Magnum, jam doughnut and Twisties.... I'm liking your nutrition plan, Charlotte.

LOL. Nice work on the drop anyway.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Chelle! More personal posts it is.

Charlotte Orr said...

LOL, thanks Kek - not your usual weight-loss fare is it?!