Monday, February 21, 2011

Food Waste

This morning as I was walking TJ we went past the loading bay of our local supermarket. A member of staff was throwing dozens of loaves of bread into a large rubbish bin. I thought of hungry people who might like the bread, so this morning I contacted Second Bite to let them know there was edible food going to waste.

Here is the response I had:

'Thanks so much Charlotte.  We do get calls from Bakeries every day, they all "overbake".  In fact, all the agencies have plenty of bread and do not require any more.  I appreciate you contacting us to check.'

Why do bakeries waste so much food? When I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant we recorded the number of each item we sold each day - usually less at the start of the week and more at the end of the week. We used these figures to work out how much of each item to prepare each day, so there was minimal waste.  Do bakeries do this? It seems not. My husband recently went to a Queensland Bakers Delight with his mother at the end of the day and collected eight sacks of leftover bread for charity. At least theirs went to charity. It seem such a waste to see it go in the bin. Surely someone would appreciate it, no matter what the 'agencies' say.

If anyone is game to go bin diving in Craigieburn, they'll find plenty of bread!


In other news, I went to the gym this morning for the first time in about six months. Since moving I've mostly done bodyweight and band exercises (and cardio) at home. I figured that after my little meltdown last week I needed to change things up a bit. Luckily there is a gym almost across the road from our house so I gave it a trial run this morning, doing chest and some bike intervals. I enjoyed it! The casual rates are cheap ($3.95) so I'll give it a go for the rest of the week and if it works out OK I'll investigate a membership.

Food so far today:
preworkout: apricot
postworkout: Healtheries apple and raisin bircher muesli with yoghurt and grated apple
mid morning: skinny flat white

To come:
lunch: cape seed roll with roast beef, pickle and rocket; peach
snack: vanilla yoghurt, macadamias, apricot
dinner: barramundi, veges (not sure what yet)

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