Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creating a Good Journey

From the email newsletter of Nancy Georges

Have you ever spent your entire 12 week contest prep stressing and wondering if you were going to be in shape on time? When it comes to contest conditioning, sometimes we forget. We let our social norms tell us that it takes exactly 12 weeks, no matter what kind of shape we are in. We tell ourselves all we need to do is start 12 weeks out and we will be fine.

Realistically we know that is not the case. Here is a simple way of knowing whether or not you are going to be ready for your show on time. If you are stressing and counting the weeks wondering, hoping and praying that you are going to be ready, looking for that little secret quick fix, most likely you will not enjoy the outcome. My coach once told me: "How can you have a good ending to a bad journey?" This is so very true and when you realize you are on a bad journey something needs to change.

Creating A Good Journey!

Now you might very well be on a bad journey right now. If so, now is a great time to regroup, change your show date and get some of those affairs in order that are distracting you and making things difficult. I know we all wish we could go year round from one 12 week plan to the next without a break, but the reality is we need time to do other things, to focus on friends, family, careers, education, or whatever your other goals are. So think about your 2011 contest plan and ask yourself some questions.

Am I on a good journey? Are things going well? Is this diet easy? Are circumstances in my life making my diet and training easy? Am I in a good place with my job, my finances, my family, If not, you need to rethink you plan.

Second of all, let's get in shape ahead of time this year. So if you are doing a show in June, start now. Add 4 weeks to your contest prep time, instead of doing the standard 12 week prep, do a 16 week prep. Why should we do the bare minimum, we should be able to walk around in our shredded bodies for longer than a few days. This year, start 4 weeks early, and every show from now on, rather than a 12 week prep, do a 16 week prep. I don't mean take 4 weeks to wean yourself off of soda, pizza, beer and donuts, I mean a 16 week solid diet and training plan. You will certainly have a good journey then.

Another key in creating a good journey is to set some money aside every week that you will use for your competition. You won't have many expenses right now, only coaching, extra food and extra supplements, but when it gets about 4 weeks out you will be bombarded with expenses, such as tanning products, manicure, pedicure, hair, facials, waxing, swimsuit, jewelry, entry fees, NPC cards, show pictures, makeup, and more. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed, have a set amount that you set aside every week, that way when you expenses come around at about 4 weeks out, you have a reserve to be able to handle these expected expenses.

Having all your other affairs in order, an extended amout of show prep time, and money in the bank for your expenses, you will be sure to create a good journey for your next show. And a good journey, leads to a good outcome.

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