Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I’m restarting my fat-loss efforts, and to help with that I’m going to be increasing my fish-oil intake for the next four to six weeks.

Today’s food and exercise:

coffee with milk

sprouted grain toast spread with liquid fish oil and topped with scrambled egg and egg whites; gold kiwifruit

yoghurt mixed with grated apple and pumpkin seeds

kangaroo and coleslaw (cabbage, pineapple, carrot, red onion) dressed with fish oil and apple cider vinegar

‘hummus’ made with refried beans, carrot sticks

leg workout, walk 20 mins*

large hot chocolate with milk

venison, sweet potato, cabbage, bok choy, fish oil


*missed my walk this morning so tacked it onto the end of my workout instead.


Chelle said...

Are you actually putting fish oil on your food!?

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Chelle, yep, I use liquid fish oil and either drizzle it on my toast or veges, or put it in my salad dressing. Disguises the taste, LOL.

Chelle said...

I was gonna say, you are GAME lol... hope its reflux free =P

Charlotte Orr said...

LOL, so far so good!