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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Magnesium, Meals and a Change of Scene

I started taking magnesium again yesterday. At the start of the year I was taking it for muscle cramps, but I noticed that I also felt quite relaxed while taking it. I've been finding it hard to relax lately so decided to start taking it again. Had some before going to bed last night, slept really well and feel much better today.

I'm doing an experiment with the timing of my meals this week. If it works out, I'll describe it in more detail next week.

I'm working at Lonely Planet again this week and next. There is a little gym on site so I've trained there a couple of times this week after work, and have really enjoyed it.


Raechelle said...

I've been taking magnesium at night for a couple of years now and I'd never thought about the fact that it may be helping my sleep...I do sleep pretty darn well! I recently started using the spray...and my sleep seems even better. I guess that it's the magnesium! :-0

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Raechelle, I haven't tried the spray before. How do you find it differs from capsules? Cheers, Charlotte

Raechelle said...

Well they say it absorbs quicker-before I was taking it in tissue salt form and chewed it. I think I like the spray better-this way I don't have left overs in my teeth that get brushed out when I brush my teeth. So less waste. :-0

Charlotte Orr said...

Cool, I've only ever had the capsules, so interesting to hear about the other kinds - thanks!

Charlotte Orr said...
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