Sunday, June 13, 2010


Started the day with coffee again this morning but had a change from eggs. Instead I had sprouted grain toast spread with fish oil and topped with spicy tofu, tomato, cucumber and alfalfa sprouts, plus half a ruby red grapefruit.

Morning tea was a protein shake made with choc rice protein, peanut butter and mixed berries.

For lunch I had a bowl of organic carrot, ginger and coriander soup with some cooked turkey mince mixed in. I also had some pineapple, and some fish oil in a shot of pomegranate juice.

In the afternoon we walked TJ to the supermarket and back.

We had friends over for dinner so there were seven of us tonight - six adults and one child. I made "Roast" Pork with Apple Sauce Gravy in the crockpot. We had it with sweet potato and broccoli (and some wine). For dessert I did a gingerbread steamed pudding with marmalade topping, which was absolutely delicious!

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