Monday, March 28, 2011

Preparing for New Kitchen Colour

After a busy week of training and travel, I had a big sleep-in on Saturday and spent most of the day reading. TJ was happy to relax too:

I woke up on Sunday feeling refreshed so decided to tackle one of our kitchen walls. At the moment it's green, and I think it's making the room appear smaller and darker than it actually is.

The paint had been applied with cross hatching to create a suede effect, so I first had to sand the paint back so that the surface was even. I used this handy little corner sander that I picked up from Bunnings for $20.

After sanding, I wiped down the walls with a Sugar Soap solution, then filled in some nail holes with Spakfilla. After it had set, I sanded over the filled holes and dusted the area clean.

Then it was time to apply an undercoat. Because I want to use a lighter colour paint on the wall, I needed to apply an undercoat to cover up the green.

I did one coat on the wall, but there is still green showing through, so I will do another coat next weekend, then try out some test colours.

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Liz N said...

I think that's Lucy's wish to be on the bed, but she sheds way too much fur (easily solved by a dip in the pool)

Kerry W said...

TJ sure knows how to relax! Glad you did too Charlotte. :)

Charlotte Orr said...

TJ sheds a lot of fur too - luckily he likes to sleep on Rob's side of the bed!

Charlotte Orr said...

TJ seems to have only two speeds Kerry - flat out or fast asleep!