Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Barley & Oats review

Goodness Superfoods have recently put out a new range of cereals, including this barley and oats porridge

The packaging says it has 75% more fibre and 85% more beta-glucans than just oats (beta-glucans help lower cholesterol reabsorption) so I was keen to see what it was like.

The ingredients are Wholegrain Rolled Barley Flakes (51%) and Wholegrain Rolled Oat Flakes (49%). You can see the darker barley flakes mixed in with the oats

The cereal is quick-cooking, and only took about 4 minutes in our microwave.

I topped it with yoghurt

and peaches with banana & mango puree

Breakfast is ready!

The barley adds a slightly different flavour to the oats but it's hardly noticeable, especially when it's topped with cold, creamy yoghurt and sweet fruit

And it's definitely more filling than oats - bonus!


Andrea said...

Damn - now I want to try that one and I only just bought Oats yesterday! I love those little fruit tubs as well.

Stephanie Davis said...

Damn I love breakfast :) After your last post about the Black Swan yoghurt, I finally tried it and have converted- thankyou! Its slightly higher in fat but lower in sugar than what I was having (Yoplait natural) but a whole lot thicker mmm.. and lactose free? awesome!!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Andrea, I find they're very handy in the morning when I'm in a rush - just open the tub and dump it on my oats!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Steph, I think breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Glad you like the yoghurt!

Kara said...

Great to hear you are enjoying the oats and barley 1st! They certainly do fill you up a bit more than plain oats with the additional fibre and protein from the BARLEYmax. Would love to know what you think of our other products. Have you tried them?

Goodness Superfoods said...

Thanks for your lovely review, Charlotte! Hope you're continuing to enjoy our cereals. Please feel free to give us feedback on our website, or follow us on Twitter! (@GoodnessFood)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kara, thanks for your comment! I'm still enjoying the oats and barley (I have it in some form most days for breakfast) so haven't tried any of the others yet. Cheers, Charlotte