Friday, March 18, 2011

What does your day look like?

In this post, Skwigg asks 'Suppose all of your goals are already achieved. You're in your happy weight range, eating your preferred way, looking great, exercising regularly but not excessively. What does your day look like? What do you wear? What's for breakfast? Do you workout?'

For me that day would look something like this:

On rising: weights/cardio at gym followed by a walk with TJ and Rob

Breakfast: oats, fruit and yoghurt

Work from home, in smart active wear
pic from Ads of the World

Morning tea: fruit toast, coffee

Lunchtime: walk to bakery to get a cape seed roll for my lunch. Fill it with avocado, smoked chicken, tomato, cucumber, alfalfa, lettuce. Follow it up with some fruit.

Afternoon tea: mix of sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seeds, yoghurt, raisins and grated apple

Dinner: marinated salmon skewers, rice, steamed veges

Supper: hot chocolate

I'd love to read about your ideal healthy day.


Magda said...

What does your day look like?

I get up early and go for a steady state run of about 45 - 50 minutes. Unless there's been a significant lottery win, I still have to go to work but

What do you wear?

I wear a size 10 knitted skirt that is totally unforgiving and I look GREAT in it. Of course there are high heels and a designer jacket to round off my corporate look. Oh and in summer I run in shorts (NEVER do that now).

What's for breakfast?

Right now I'm loving scrambled eggs (1 whole egg + 2 whites) with a large slice of seed and grain bread toasted. Oh and I always have a white leaf tea.

Do you workout?'

Of course - is the pope catholic??!! As well as my running, I do upper body weights so that I have nice arms and broad shoulders.

Oh its gteat to dream LOL.

Shar said...

Sounds like a great day Charlotte, without going into specifics to far as long as my day involved the following it would be near on perfect ........ Kids, hubby, poached eggs on toast, a morning run and teaching a body attack class.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, hope you can turn your dream into reality. Cheers, Charlotte

Charlotte Orr said...

Sounds like an active day Shar!

Liz N said...

I love the ideas of this particular blog - I have to say though, that whilst not always roses, I am living my most healthiest days nearly every day. I am not perfect but life's not about being perfect.

You've inspired me to do another typical day in the life post sometime.
Liz n

Charlotte Orr said...

That's great to hear Liz :-)