Monday, January 31, 2011

February Goals

First, a recap of my January Goals, which were to exercise consistently Monday to Saturday, and to drink a glass of water with each meal.

Exercise consistency was 24/24 sessions for the month, which I'm really pleased about.

Water consumption was pretty good - probably 5/6 for most days. I want to continue working on this as I often slip out of the habit of drinking water.

I'm not working at home at the moment, which means getting up earlier to get my exercise done before going into work. So I need to get to bed earlier so I get enough sleep.

Therefore my February Goals are to
- keep working on drinking a glass of water with each meal
- be in bed by 9pm each night (for 5am get-up the next morning)

On another note, this morning I re-did the fitness test I did at the start of January and I have improved everything! Yay!