Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I walked on my own this morning so chose to walk around the streets near our house as I haven't done much exploring yet. I enjoyed looking at all the different front gardens as I walked past.

I got hungry quickly between meals yesterday and ended up adding an extra meal at the end of the day, so today I made my first meal a bit bigger. I think that and the mid-afternooon nap helped a bit with my appetite today.

6.15am: lemon water

Exercise: Animal Conditioning (this was tough - reminded me of some of the exercises I did at a Jen Hendershot camp a few years ago), followed by 25-minute walk

7.30am: oats with cherries; oat-bran bread topped with Logicol and St Dalfour four-fruit spread

10.00: fibre drink, apple, almonds

12.00: eggplant, tomato and chickpea stew; oat-bran bread topped with Logicol

need coffeeeee - had a nap instead

3.30: fibre drink, apple, almond butter

6.00: stir-fried tofu with peppers and black bean sauce on a bed of barley

8.30: fibre drink, pear


Kathleen said...

Your menu is so delicious! You eat very well (and by well I don’t mean ‘healthy’ or ‘intelligently’, although that’s true also – I mean you eat a lot of great, yummy stuff!).

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kathleen!