Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling Great!

High carb, low fat seems to be really agreeing with me. My energy levels have been a lot better this week, and so has my concentration. I had positive comments from three different people this week about the quality of my work. Rob also commented that I've been smiling more this week.

Weight today is 63.1 (down 0.1 from last week). Not much movement on the scales, but I've lost 2cm off my chest and 1cm off my waist, so there's still some fat loss happening.

This week I've been reading at night instead of spending time on the internet. Am currently reading The White Queen (historical novel by the author of The Other Boleyn Girl) and the Beck Diet Solution, a cognitive therapy approach to losing weight. Am not enjoying The White Queen as much as The Other Boleyn Girl, but the Beck Diet Solution is interesting. It's a 42-day program, and so far I've found the following days most useful:
Day 1 Record the advantages of losing weight
Day 2 Pick two reasonable diets
I chose higher carbohydrate weight loss for my primary diet, and I also created a card to remind myself that 'There is no one right diet. There's nothing magical about any diet. The only formula for weight loss is taking in fewer calories than your body expends'. Looking at this card whenever I start thinking about what other people are doing reassures me and stops me wasting time on the internet looking at other options.
Day 4 Give yourself credit for positive behaviour
Day 5 Eat slowly and mindfully


Raechelle said...

Loved "the other boleyn girl"....hae "the queens fool" on my shelf as my next fiction book.
Good cardio ideas up's good to throw in some old school stuff-love it!

Becca said...

High carb, low fat agrees with me mentally, just not in the loss of poundage department! If you are not trying to lose masses for a show or something, clarity of mind and being in a great mood is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!