Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TM training days 1 and 2

Yesterday I started training for the Tough Mudder obstacle course.

According to the website, I need to work up to runs of at least 8-10 km, be able to do 15-25 push-ups in a row, be able to bang out 6 pull-ups in a row, and be able to swim 45 metres without stopping.

At this stage I reckon the swimming wouldn't be a problem but I'm definitely going to have to work on everything else.

Yesterday I ran outside for time (40 minutes). Well, it was a run/walk actually. I'm just starting out slowly so I don't burn myself out (I'm good at doing that).

Today I did a modified version of a circuit suggested on the website. Each exercise is related to an obstacle on the course, and is done for 60 seconds with a max of 15 seconds rest in between:
- T push-ups
- single arm db swings
- forward lunges
- bent over db row
- db side lunge
- push up and row (renegade row)
- lunge and twist
- db squat and press
- push up (knees)
- mountain climbers
- assisted chin ups
- plank
- side plank
- dips
- squat with pause at bottom

As I get stronger and fitter I'll add more weight or change the exercise to a harder variation.

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