Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adding More In - Wednesday

This morning I tried out a different cardio machine at the gym - the treadclimber. It's like a cross between a stepper and a treadmill:

I could feel it in my glutes straight away and it got my heart rate up much faster than the treadmill usually does.

Did 40 minutes on that first thing this morning, followed by

Breakfast: crushed oat brits, lactose-free yoghurt, cinnamon and mixed berries

mid-morning: green tea

Lunch: salad with romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, carrots, yellow capsicum, artichoke hearts, pistachios and canned tuna, dressed with lemon juice. Toast with avocado.

Snack: lactose-free yoghurt, cherries, walnuts and almonds. Green tea.

Dinner: leftover chicken and asparagus risotto with added spinach. Sliced red and yellow capsicum with salsa as dip.

Snack: hot chocolate

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