Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adding More In - Tuesday

Feeling LOTS better today. Rob even commented on how chirpy I was this morning.

Started the day with a green tea, then a walk with Rob and TJ.

Breakfast: oats, lactose-free yoghurt and cinnamon, topped with chopped plums off our tree

Lunch: dahl, salad with baby spinach, tomato, cucumber and sunflower seeds, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. Avocado on toast.

Snack: lactose-free yoghurt, peach, almonds, pecans

40-minute hill walk on treadmill

Dinner: salmon, mixed veg, sweet potato

Snack: hot chocolate


Got a head start on the Christmas food shopping today. Went to the Bertocchi factory shop (in Thomastown, Melbourne if anyone's interested) and got a leg of gluten-free ham, a cooked gluten-free turkey breast and a fillet of beef. A friend is dropping off a freshly caught snapper tomorrow.

At this stage we are planning to have a 'cold' lunch of ham and turkey and a 'hot' dinner of whole barbecued snapper and barbecue garlic beef fillet.

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