Friday, December 23, 2011

Adding More In - Friday

This morning's cardio was a jog/walk in the park with Rob and TJ. My glutes and middle/upper back have been feeling a bit tight the last couple of days, so this afternoon I did some foam rolling work on my glutes, and used a bak ball on my back

physio supplies

I leant against it on the wall, and also lay on it on the ground, so that the ball parts were pressing on either side of my thoracic and upper spine. Felt SO good.


Breakfast: crushed oat brits, lactose-free yoghurt, cinnamon, mixed berries

mid-morning: green tea

Lunch: salad with romain lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion and tofu, dressing with olive oil and lemon juice. Toast with avocado

Snack: pear, lactose-free yoghurt, walnuts and almonds

Dinner: gluten-free wrap with sliced rump steak and chimichurri sauce. Mashed cauliflower.

Snack: hot chocolate

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