Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

Apart from our holiday to New Zealand, both Rob and I had a pretty crappy 2009. So I've decided to start my 'new year' early.

Today I'm starting a new weights program, based on The Stair Step Approach to Muscle. So I will be weight training four days per week, plus I will be doing my walking meditation five mornings per week.

Foodwise, I'm going to eat around 2000 cals on weight training days, and about 1750 on non-training days. I won't be counting calories daily; instead I've set myself up a rough meal plan and will use that as a guide (with the exception of one 'treat meal' per week).

Rob's taking my measurements today, and hopefully weekly from now on, so I'll be able to see how my body reacts to this style of training and amount of food. I'm hoping for fat loss and muscle gain.

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