Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chemical cocktail anyone?

Last night I used my new book to learn a bit more about the potential effects of additives found in products around our house. Here's what's in caffeine-free diet coke (Rob has it with his rum):

150d Best avoided. Potential effects: gastrointestinal problems; asthma
338 Caution advised. Regarded as safe in food use at low levels; excess may lead to tooth erosion and calcium loss in bones
330 Safe for most people. Regarded as safe in food use; stomach cramp, diarrhoea, skin rash and bloating occur rarely.
951 Potentially hazardous to health. Potential effects: headache; asthma; seizures; insomnia; memory loss; causes malignant brain tumours, cancer and leukemia in rats
950 Best avoided. Apparently produced tumours, leukemia and chronic respiratory disease in animal studies; not adequately tested.
211 Best avoided (petroleum derived). Potential effects: skin irritation; headache; stomach upset; asthma; hyperactivity; avoid if aspirin sensitive

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LizN said...

It's amazing what chemicals and additives are put into things to prolong the life of foods, drugs, supps, whatever. I just love the saying - don't eat anything that has a bar code on it.

Merry Christmas Charlotte!