Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deloading - I'm a fan

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be incorporating a deload week in the week before my period, to see if it would help my fatigue around that time. I'm happy to report that my deload week last week worked a treat. I dropped my sets back and lowered the weight. This made workouts manageable around this time (no missed workouts), I didn't need the extra sleep I usually do, and my overall energy levels were better. The program I've just started incorporates a deload week in the fourth week, which should coincide well with my cycle again.


LizN said...

This is a template commonly used by Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey and provided you choose the right exercises for where you are and where you want to go, you'll see good gains out of it.

Raechelle said...

smart thinking..glad it worked out!

Chelle said...

Hi Charlotte, thanks for following my blog! Happy New Year =)