Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Delivery Damage, Plumbing & Heating

Delivery Damage
When our dishwasher was delivered I got the delivery guy to take the packaging off and take it with him. I'm not sure why I didn't do that when our new oven was delivered yesterday, but I wish I had. When I opened the box, here is the sight that greeted me:

The handle didn't look quite right, so I took a closer look:

Yep, a bent handle! I wrapped the box back around the oven and there it was, a ding in the packaging where the damage must have occurred:

Luckily it's just the handle that's damaged, so I'm waiting to hear back if I can get a replacement one.

We have been living with the sink like this for a while now

Today the plumber came in and took the old sink and tap out.

He then moved the plumbing slightly to the right in preparation for the new sink and tap

There's a bit of plasterboard there that's going to need replacing

Another skill for me to learn, LOL.

The plumber also moved the kitchen's gas ducted heating vent, which was sitting where we want our new cabinets to go.

Before, in the floor

After, in a new kickboard, which will have new cabinets sitting on top.

Tomorrow the electrician is coming (fingers crossed!)

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Kek said...

Ugh. We've had that happen with appliances a couple of times - we always check them now. :(

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kek, yes I will be too!

Kek said...

And I meant to say - nailing up some Gyprock is a piece of cake. As long as it's going to be hidden behind cabinets, that is. ;) Getting invisible joins takes skill....

Make sure you don't leave any holes in floor or walls behind your cabinets, or you'll have an entry point for mice. Eek!

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kek, we've had a mouse in the house since we've taken some of the old cabinets out and exposed some holes. Definitely need to stop that!

Janelle said...

Its all coming together Charlotte! I hope you can sort out the handle for the stove :)
I've been ripping up floors this week - exposing some nice old floorboards in great condition!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Janelle, yes, I finally feel like things are coming together! They are going to send me out a new handle - it just might take a week or so. At least I can go ahead and get the oven installed. That's great about your floorboards! Think we are going to have to get ours sanded and polished once all this renovating is over. Cheers, Charlotte