Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Warning: negative post ahead

I was feeling pretty happy on Friday last week. I finished an in-house contract job and was looking forward to having this week off while the tradies did their stuff in the kitchen.

On Saturday I injured my lower back. You know when you see someone on TV bend over then can't straighten up again? That was me - I bent over to pick up my socks and my back froze. I'd been doing far too much sitting (train travel, lunch breaks in front of the computer etc) and one of my lumbar discs decided to 'derrange' itself. I can't move much without feeling sore, tired or nauseous, so I've been lying on the couch watching lots of movies.

So far this week two of the tradies didn't turn up when they said they were going to so I've had to rearrange everyone else as each bit of work is dependant on what has gone before.

Today our new oven was delivered. The handle for the oven door is bent. Sigh.


Michelle said...

Crap! I hope everything is on the up soon.

Kerry W said...

Oh shite! Know the feeling...though it is now a distant memory ***touch wood***. Just get plenty of rest and get the inflammation down Charlotte. Plenty of anti-inflammatories and putting your feet up. Time to take care of oneself.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Michelle - me too!

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kerry! Rob suggested anti-inflammatories but I am pretty sensitive to drugs so am just trying to rest as much as possible. Cheers, Charlotte