Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of Week 3

Monday saw me stay at home to look after Rob, who still couldn't see after re-injuring his eye over the weekend.

One of the things I did during the day was to copy all our pics from my old PC onto a flash disk. I found all of TJ's puppy pics. Love this one!

We never guessed he'd grow up to be this big!

I also had a guy out to service the fridge as it stopped cooling properly over the weekend. He ended up replacing the PC board - it's the second replacement since we bought the fridge five years ago. I won't be buying a Westinghouse again.

Rob was able to diagnose that the pain I've had in my right arch/heel lately as the start of plantar fascitis, which I suspect has been brought on by landing heavily on my heels during one of my dynamic warm-up exercises at the gym. Hopefully more rolling on a tennis ball and stretching, and avoiding that particular exercise, will fix it quickly.

Tuesday through Friday I was back at Lonely Planet again. Work, Eat, Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

On Saturday I did some freelance work during the day, called my Dad in New Zealand (Happy Birthday!), then went to a birthday BBQ in the evening.

Today I'm doing more freelance work - am compiling a book of Christmas carols and stories, so it's quite enjoyable.

Although I've been busy, I've managed to get in all my planned exercise. Food and water consumption has also been on track, apart from a few drinks and a couple of cupcakes at the birthday on Saturday night.

This week's weigh-ins:
Mon: 61.5
Tue: 61.4
Wed: 61.7
Thu: 61.7
Fri: 61.3
Sat: 61.4
Sun: 60.8
Average: 61.4, down 1.4 on week 1

My aim for next week is to keep being consistent with my training, walking, eating and water consumption, while juggling my in-house and freelance work, and organising stuff for the settlement of our house purchase.


LizN said...

I don't think Lucy has ever looked that small as a puppy, I keep looking at her paws and reckon she's going to be a monster Lab :)
Is TJ chocolate or yellow? He looks like a mocha blend :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Liz, his colour is called 'fox red'. His father was chocolate and his mother was a golden. He was the only one that colour in the litter, but there were also black, chocolate and golden. Cheers, Charlotte