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Thursday, July 4, 2013

TJ’s operation

A couple of years ago Rob noticed a small lump on TJ’s flank. It slowly got bigger, so last year the vet took a biopsy of it. It wasn’t cancerous, just a lipoma (soft fatty tissue mass), but we were advised to have it removed within the next six to 12 months. It continued to increase in size so we decided to go ahead with having it removed as we were worried about how many stitches TJ would have to have if it continued to grow. So yesterday he went in to have the lump removed.

tj lump

I took him down to the vet (about 10 minutes’ walk from our house), and Rob and his friend Luke went to pick him up. They managed to get him into Luke’s  car OK (TJ loves going in the car!) but he didn’t want to get out. He was still dopey from the anaesthetic, and every time he moved towards the door of the car he banged the Elizabethan collar around his head and yelped from the discomfort of the wound. We ended up building a little ramp from the car door down to the driveway, then I got in behind TJ to encourage him to get out, and Rob coaxed him from the front. He finally got out and I got him into the house.

His ‘after’ pic below, but be warned, it’s  pretty gory! He has a tube in to help drain away fluid and infection from the site, so he’s dripping a bit, and finds it hard to get comfortable. We all had quite a restless night! The drain will come out in about five days, and the stitches another five days after that. In the meantime we have to restrict his activity. That should be fairly easy to begin with – I took him outside to go to the toilet this morning, and he just huddled against a bush then wanted to come inside again. I think he’s feeling the cold with a big chunk of fur missing!


tj after op 3