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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 22

I’ve got a few days free until my next batch of work arrives, so am taking this opportunity to paint the bathroom (was too tired last weekend).

So today I washed down all the surfaces that I wanted to paint in the bathroom, then stuck painters tape next to all the surfaces I wanted to paint (to avoid any bleeds), and then I covered the bathroom in drop sheets. And then do you think I could start painting? No. Since the ceiling and walls were bare plaster, and the window frame and door frame were bare timber, I first had to apply a prepcoat to prime, seal and undercoat the surfaces. All of that took most of the day, so actual painting will be tomorrow. Once I’ve decided on a colour. Too. Many. Whites.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 21

We were planning to paint the bathroom today, but scraping back the flaking paint on the inside of the window frame took much longer than expected. While I was doing that, Rob washed the toilet walls with sugar soap, and put as much prep coat on the toilet walls as he could (a large man with a broken rib in a small space can only do so much). Hope to get the rest done on the weekend.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 20

The bath repair man was here today and was able to fix the damage to the bath – yay!

Now we have another problem. The soft-close toilet seat won’t actually stay up when Rob wants to use it. The project manger took it off and put it back on a couple of times, but wasn’t able to fix it. He thinks it’s a faulty soft-close mechanism so has put in a service call to Reece (the place the toilet was bought from). Someone there will come out and sort it out for us.

I managed to do a little bit of prep for painting today, sanding back the two-tone suede effect paint in the toilet so we can cover it in a low-sheen paint in one colour. I also sanded the window frame and door frame in the toilet. Whoever painted them last put water-based paint directly over the top of oil-based paint and it had started to peel off.  Unfortunately all the sanding made a huge mess :-(

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 19

This morning the glass guy came to install the shower screen (it took less time to make the screen than I expected!). The screen has been made so that it folds back out of the way when not in use, so it has been put in that position for now, with instructions not to touch it for two days.

Bathroom Renovation – Day 18

This morning the project manager came in to do a few things, including mounting a bracket on the wall for the panel heater, and giving the plaster a sand in preparation for painting. He also arranged for a cleaner to come later in the day to clean up all the dust and dirt. Unfortunately once the bath was clean, a deep scratch could be seen in the bottom of it:

bath april 17

The bath has been fairly well protected at all stages of the reno – it has been covered with surface protector (like thick blue bubble wrap) and/or a sheet of ply, but somehow it still got damaged.

Someone is coming out in the next day or so to assess the damage and see what can be done. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 17

The carpenter came back this morning to fit off the accessories. He installed two towel rails, finished off the strip drain for the shower, rehung the toilet and bathroom doors and put a door stop in the bathroom.

In the afternoon a tiler came out to silicon all the ‘control joints’. According to The Floor Elf, a control joint  is ‘one grout line, all the way down the length of your installation, that is filled with colored silicone or caulk rather than grout. The purpose of a soft joint is to allow movement in your installation without cracking tiles or grout. When placed properly it will absorb any ‘normal’ seasonal and structural movements inherent in structures.’

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 16

Another busy day in the bathroom. The electrician came first thing to do his final fit off. He put the light fitting back in and put in a new light switch and also finished off the power points. The new extractor fan was also put in (ducted through the outside wall of the second storey, since the eaves outside the bathroom on the ground floor are asbestos).

Next up was the plumber. He installed the toilet, put in the bath mixer and bath spout, the shower mixer and shower head, and the basin and tap. Can’t use anything yet though as silicone still needs to be applied to the tiled areas.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 15

The tiler came back this morning to grout all the tiles. He did a great job with all the tiling and we’re happy with how the room’s coming together. Not long to go now!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 14

The tiler finished laying the wall tiles today. He will be back tomorrow to do all the grouting.

Now that the tiles are all in place, the glass man was able to pop in this afternoon and measure up to make the shower screen. It may take up to a couple of weeks to produce, so will be the last thing to go in.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 13

The tiler was back today and was able to finish laying the floor tiles and do some more work on the walls.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 12

It was action stations this morning, as the carpenters came back to rip out the framework for one side of the bath and replace it. The plumber was here at the same time to move the bath mixer, as we decided the original placement was too low. Later in the day the areas that had work done were re-waterproofed.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 11

The tiler arrived early this morning and talked us through his suggestions for the layout of the floor and wall tiles, to make sure we were happy with it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t happy with how the bath framework had been done, as it meant the tiles wouldn’t sit properly. So he did what he could today (mostly floor tiles), and tomorrow the bath area will be fixed so he can continue tiling on Wednesday.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 10

When the plasterer was here on Wednesday he patched over the hole in the ceiling where the old fan was:

bathroom april 3 3

I queried this with the building supervisor on Thursday morning, as we were told at the planning stage that our old textured ceiling would look odd with a smooth patch at one end and it would be best to have a new ceiling. The plasterer missed the ceiling instructions when he was here on Wednesday, so he came back this morning to put in a new ceiling and cornices:

bathroom april 5 1

The old door frame was stripped out as part of the demolition, so this afternoon the carpenters came back and put in a new door frame so the tiler will have an edge to tile up to.

Without frame:

bathroom april 5 3

With frame:

bathroom april 5 4 

Our window was previously framed by some ‘lovely’ plastic edging, seen in the pic below:

bathroom 1

It now has a new frame:

bathroom april 5 4

Tiling starts on Monday.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 9

Today the wet areas of the bathroom were waterproofed, in preparation for tiling.

So at the end of the day yesterday the bathroom walls looked like this:

bathroom april 3 1

And when the waterproofer finished today, they looked like this:

bathroom april 4 1

He also did the floor and the side of the bath

bathroom april 4 3

It’s stinky stuff!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 8

The plasterers came today so our walls are finally in!

We’ve gone from this:

bathroom 22 March

to this:

bathroom april 3 1

They also patched the hole in the ceiling where the old fan came out.

So we’ve gone from this:

bathroom 26 March 2

to this:

bathroom april 3 3

Getting there!