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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 7

To my surprise the cabinetmaker turned up today to install the mirrored cabinet.

Previously, when you entered the bathroom, the first thing you saw was the shower cubicle. I’m standing in the doorway to take the pic below, which gives you a rough idea of what you’ll see now when you enter the bathroom.

bathroom 28 March 1

The basin will be directly below.

Here’s a side view. You might be able to see that it’s recessed into the wall cavity, so it won’t stick out too far above the basin.

bathroom 28 March 2

Here’s what it looks like with the left side open. The hole in the bottom is for the power point. The shelves are all adjustable, so we can keep an electric toothbrush in there to charge if we want to.

bathroom 28 March 3

Have a great Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 6

The carpenters were back today to do some work on the bathroom floor. They put cement sheet down around the grate that the plumber roughed in the other day. So we have gone from this

bathroom 19 March 2

to this

bathroom 20 March 2

to this

Bathroom 28 March 1

The carpenters also did some more work around the bath, which I think is in preparation for plastering and tiling.

bathroom 27 March 2

Due to Easter there won’t be anything happening in the bathroom until next Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 5

This morning the electrician was here for a couple of hours to rough in the new wiring.

In the old bathroom layout, all the wiring was on the right-hand wall. The light switch will remain in the same position, but because the new basin will be in a diagonally opposite position to where it was, wiring had to be run around the room for new power points.

In the right of the pic below you can see the wiring for the light switch and the rectangular metal bracket where the power point used to be. In the centre of the pic you can see a white junction box, and the electrician has run the new wiring via this, round to the left

bathroom 26 March 4

the new wiring continues above the bath, past the shower area…

bathroom 26 March 5

into the new basin area. There will be a power point hidden in the mirrored cabinet above the basin, and one down low on the left-hand wall for a panel heater.

bathroom 26 March 6

We also wanted the old extractor fan taken out, since its position over the old shower meant it vented into the ceiling cavity – not ideal.

bathroom 26 March 1

bathroom 26 March 2

We wanted a new extractor fan put in closer to the outside wall of the house, so it vents to the outside. The electrician prepared an opening for it (the small hole is for the existing light fitting).

bathroom 26 March 3

However, he didn’t prepare the vent through the eaves to the outside as the eaves may be asbestos…

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 4

The plumber was back for half a day today, mostly working on the toilet. We decided to keep the toilet a separate room from the rest of the bathroom, but have the toilet suite replaced since the old one was in a disgusting state. The plumber had to take out the old rusting pipework where it exited the external wall of the house, and put in some new pipework to fit the new toilet. We are going to have a back to wall close coupled toilet suite, like this

caroma milan

According to the Reece website, in a close coupled suite, the cistern sits neatly atop of the bowl meaning all pipe work is concealed. For a truly streamlined design, the back-to-wall suite runs all the way to the wall and is easy to clean with smooth, seamless lines.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 3

No action in the bathroom yesterday, but today we had the plumber in to rough in the new plumbing. In the pic below you can see (from left to right), the pipes for the shower mixer, the pipe for the rail shower, and the outlet for the bath spout (under the window, in the middle of the bath).

bathroom 22 March

The plumber also did some work on the shower drain, and the pipes for the basin (not pictured).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bathroom Renovation – Day 2

The guys who pulled out the bathroom yesterday were back today to do some carpentry work.

They pulled out the rotten floorboards

bathroom 19 March 2 

And put in a new floor (which will eventually be covered with tiles)

bathroom 20 March 2


They also framed up the new  bath area and moved some of the studwork to create a space for what will eventually be a recessed shelf.

Here’s what it looked like yesterday

bathroom 19 March 1

And here’s what it looks like today (that’s the new bath under the blue protective sheeting)

bathroom 20 March

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bathroom Renovation

We have a number of reasons why we want to get our bathroom renovated

- the bathroom is so narrow that only one of use can use it at a time. And we have a big dog that likes to follow us everywhere.

- the bath is too small for either of us to use.

- none of the taps turn off properly (shower, bath or basin). We’ve had washers replaced but the taps are so old it’s not really helping (the plumber said the next step would be to replace the taps).

- the basin taps leak into the vanity cupboard, which limits what can be stored in it.

- the vanity is ridiculously low, and Rob hates using it.

- the cold tap in the shower falls off if you aren’t gentle with it.

- the tiles in the shower were painted over at some stage to hide a pattern, but the paint is now flaking off, and any attempt to clean the shower results in handfuls of paint flakes

In addition to this, we found out while we were getting quotes that the area behind the tiles is lined with asbestos (c0mmon in houses of our age).

We decided to use a bathroom renovation company because it’s going to involve so many trades, and neither of us is up to doing much ourselves at the moment (I have a bad back and Rob cracked one of his ribs recently).

So we’ve spent the last month or so getting quotes and choosing products, and today was the first day of our renovation – demolition!

Today we’ve gone from this

bathroom 1

to this

bathroom 19 March 1

I’m really looking forward to our new bathroom! In the meantime, it’s showers at the gym.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Vegetable Garden

Rob and I have finally started growing our own vegetables. While Rob was on holiday in January, we measured up some garden beds and Rob started digging them out.


You can see how dry the ground was, which made it really hard work to dig up. He dug in compost which we’ve had going for about 12 months, and some organic fertiliser.

In February we went to Ceres and got some organic seedlings, and planted them in our garden beds.

Here they are now, a couple of weeks on. The bed below has (from front to back) two rows of lettuce, two rows of kale and a row of bush beans


The second bed (planted a week later) has another row of lettuce, one Warrigal greens plant (native spinach) and four zucchini plants.


It’s going really well so far. Yesterday I noticed two beans had appeared overnight on one of our bean plants, so that was quite exciting!