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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Celide & Jakub’s Wedding

Rob used to work with Celide. Her parents were born in Italy, and Jakub’s parents were born in Poland, so it made for an interesting day!  The ceremony was held in a Catholic church in Richmond. All pics taken on Rob’s phone.




We had about three hours between the ceremony and the reception so we went to Federation Square for a bit.


The stunning venue, at Docklands. We were one of the first ones into the room and were met with the perfume from all the lillies. As the sun was setting, the curtains were opened, and we had beautiful views over the water and West Gate Bridge


Rob and Celide


Me, Celide and Rob


The “Chair Dance” – bride and groom each lifted into the air on a chair and carried around the dance floor to the beat of the music.


Rob and I near the end of the night.


Sorry – no food pics, but we had a good selection of antipasto on our table when we arrrived; for entree I had organic pumpkin and goat cheese ravioli and Rob had zucchini flowers; for mains we both had Wagu beef, with rice, asparagus and salad; for dessert I had chocolate marquise (like a mousse on a coconut base) and Rob had gluten-free chocolate cake. I had about two bites of wedding cake but was too full to eat any more!