Sunday, November 25, 2012

F3 Check In

18th November to 24th November

This week I upped my exercise intensity from three sessions of pool walking for 30 minutes to doing lengths with a kickboard (flutterboard) for 30 minutes. I also did a bit of extra physical activity in the form of sanding and painting our dining room.

My four indulgences this week were two glasses of wine, one hot chocolate and one homemade protein ball.  I also had a little extra for dinner on the two days I did the sanding and painting. 

All in all I must have got the balance about right as I had a pleasing drop in weight this week. Progress so far:

4th November 59.1

11th November 58.1

18th November 58.4 (period)

24th November 57.5

Will carry on the same this week and see how I get on.

Have a good week!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

FFF update

11th November to 17th November

Have been a bit hungry this week, as I usually am just before my period arrives. Made sure I had more carb-heavy dinners this week to stave off the carb-and-fat cravings I usually have at this time of the month.

Sun – Sweet potato and lentil cakes



Mon – Gluten-free beef lasagne



Tue – Lentil moussaka



Wed – Salmon, rice and salad with sweet chilli and ginger sauce



Thu – Baked beans on toast



Fri – Curried mince on rice



Sat – Salmon stir-fry


Indulgences this week were the same as last week: three glasses of wine and a hot chocolate.

In terms of exercise, I only did two of the three sessions of pool walking I planned for the week (too wiped out from my period to do the third) but did foam rolling and dog walking most days.

I’ve sorted out my not-filling-enough afternoon-snack issue by adding more psyllium and water to my morning smoothie, and having half for my morning snack and half for my afternoon snack (along with some nuts).

Having more carbs at dinner (and less protein) has helped reduce my snacking in the evenings as I feel more satisfied after dinner.

Briefly saw the 57s this week but weight this morning was up to 58.4 with period puffiness. So progress so far is

4th November 59.1

11th November 58.1

18th November 58.4 (period)

So far I’ve been doing low intensity pool walking, but will try moderate intensity this week and see what effect that has.

Have a good week!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

F3 Check In

4th November to 10 November

I've settled into a fairly good routine with my food this past week. Once I find a meal I like I'm happy to eat it every day until I get sick of it.

Breakfast has been a mixture of 1/3 cup oats, 1 grated apple, 6 chopped almonds and 1 Tbsp shredded coconut

I tried out the dairy products containing sterols and they seem to be OK on my tummy, so my morning snack has been a smoothie with 1 cup Pura Heart Active milk, a 200g tub of Jalna Heart Smart yoghurt, 1 smallish banana (around 75g) and some frozen blueberries (around 75g). I started adding in some greens too (we had a bit of silverbeet that needed using up), and some probiotic powder and psyllium when I remember.

Lunch is usually a sandwich, with sterol spread on the bread. This week the filling has mostly been pink salmon with capers, onion, cucumber, alfalfa and lettuce.

An afternoon snack usually consists of a handful of nuts (20g) and a carrot. Although this hasn't been keeping me full for that long...

Dinner has been getting earlier and earlier, since my afternoon snack hasn't been keeping me full for long. Dinner is the one meal that I vary each day. So we ate
Sunday: felafel wraps, wheat free tabouli
Monday: gluten-free lasagne, asparagus
Tuesday: lentil moussaka, salad
Wednesday: fish chowder, broccoli
Thursday: salmon and asparagus risotto, broccoli, salad
Friday: homemade baked beans on toast, salad
Saturday: stir-fried pork with green beans and mushrooms.

I snacked on extra fruit in the evenings a couple of times during the week. For my four 'indulgences' this week I had three glasses of wine and a hot chocolate.

In terms of exercise, I did the three sessions of pool walking I planned for the week, as well as the daily foam rolling and dog walking, so am pretty happy with that.

My start weight on the 4th was 59.1kg and after this week's efforts I am down to 58.1kg.

My aims for this week are to repeat the exercise, have a more filling afternoon snack and try and choose vegetable snacks rather than fruit snacks in the evenings.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Festive Fitness Focus

I’m joining in Sara’s Festive Fitness Focus for the seven weeks leading up to Christmas.

What I'm committing to:

On rising every day: foam rolling and dead bugs (for mobility and core strength). Three to four days a week I will do 30-60 minutes pool walking, focusing on bracing my core. No weight training as yet as my back still isn’t up to it. Daily walking with Rob and TJ.

My plan is to focus on including foods to help me reduce my total cholesterol (currently 6.4):

Sticky fibre such as oats, barley, psyllium, fruit, vegetables, legumes etc.


Foods containing plant sterols, or a supplement. (Undecided as yet  - I need to try the milk and yoghurt containing the plant sterols to see if my stomach is OK with the lactose content. Also, I like to eat a mostly organic diet, and these foods aren’t organic.)

Calorie goal: about 1400-1600 (guestimate). Plus four ‘indulgences’ per week, eg four small glasses wine.

Rob is doing ‘no junk food until Christmas’ so that helps me out a lot. The only time I really eat it is if he brings it home.

Glysodin (antioxidant) 1/day
Krill Oil 1/day
Activated B Complex 1/day
I’ve been having spirulina most days, so will continue that or a greens powder, and probably add in a probiotic (had antibiotics recently for my tonsil infection).

My goal is two-fold: reduce my cholesterol, and lose a little more weight. I’ve been sitting at 58kg for almost six months, so I should be OK to try and push a bit lower without a rebound effect. I’m aiming for 55-56kg. So that’s 2kg (minimum) to lose in seven weeks.