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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Shoes

I had to go to a podiatrist recently because I was developing a lump near the ball of my foot. It was uncomfortable to walk about the house in bare feet. And I was starting to feel it towards the end of long runs.

In addition to needing new shoes, I was told that I needed some with more cushioning in the forefoot, and that I would also need switch to non-weight bearing cardio (cycling or swimming) for a while to give my foot a chance to recover. Just after seeing the podiatrist I got a bad cold, so was unable to train. That gave my foot a bit of a break, and this weekend I felt well enough to venture into town to get some new shoes.

I've worn Brooks runners for a few years now, but after trying on some Brooks and some Asics at Athletes Foot, I decided on a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus. My first reaction on trying them on was that it was like wearing a pair of slippers - very soft!


Magda said...

Asics are the best. i've had them for years and love them.


Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Magda, hoping my feet love these too!

Sandra said...

Charlotte, that sounds so similar to what I'm experiencing...have to have a MRI next week then go back to specialist to see whether I need orthotics, it could also be a fracture :(
I've always worn Asics too...but even they are not "cushiony" enough for me now...

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Sandra, the pod thought it might be the very start of a Morton's neuroma (I think you thought that's what yours was originally?) but it wasn't bad enough to get any imaging done. Will have to monitor it for the next few weeks and see how it goes. Hope your MRI answers some questions for you. Cheers, C