Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome Weekend

Some of the food we ate over the weekend

back left: piquillo pepper stuffed with tuna salad, fetta salsa
back right: spanish chorizo manolete, guernica peppers
front: ceviche of yellow tail kingfish, orange blossom, lime

grilled octopus, soya marinated scallops, pork crumble, olive oil puree

slow roasted lamb shoulder, israeli couscous salad

Chilled new season pea soup with spanner crab, blood orange and salmon caviar

Scallop 'pasta', jamon and finger lime

Marron, witlof and vanilla

Caramelised black kingfish, braised pork belly ravioli, shimeji mushrooms and parsnip puree

Baked aged Gympie goat's cheese, brioche and local figs

I particularly liked the ceviche of king fish and the soy marinated scallops (so tender), the israeli couscous (bigger and rounder than normal couscous - great texture), the pea soup (the crab in it was nice but I loved the pop of the caviar), the marron (freshwater crayfish, which I hadn't tried before - it has a similar texture to a balmain bug), the parsnip puree (I'm going to try replicating this at home) and the goat's cheese and figs (great combination).

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