Saturday, November 7, 2009

A typical day for me at the moment

walk TJ

Option 1
high-fibre cereal, lactose-free milk, medium fruit or a snack pack of organic dried fruit; fish oil, vitamin B

Option 2
organic egg OR baked beans on sprouted grain bread, medium fruit; fish oil, vitamin B

protein shake with lactose-free milk and low GI fruit; Vital Greens
(sometimes I have the milk in an organic coffee and make the shake with water instead)

sprouted grain bread
with lean meat, chicken, salmon or sardines OR baked beans or bean salad
and large salad
and small fruit

protein shake with lactose-free milk and low GI fruit; Vital Greens
(sometimes I save the milk to make a cocoa before bed, and
make the shake with water instead)

go to gym

Lean meat, chicken, fish or beans/lentils
and potato/sweet potato/rice/pasta/bread
and vegetables/salad
and small fruit
fish oil

(optional) Snack

I'm breaking some 'rules' during my day: I don't always eat protein with every meal; I eat meals with starchy carbs outside of the workout period; and I drink 'calorie-containing beverages' like milky coffee and cocoa. But, eating this way is keeping me sane (it's flexible and enjoyable, and pretty healthy), and it's sustainable (I'm less likely to eat a whole heap of crap in one go if I can eat a little bit of whatever I like whenever I want). And my abs are coming back. So there!


Raechelle said...

Looks pretty good to me! After all, you are not 4 weeks out from a comp, you are living a healthy fit lifestyle! :-)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Raechelle!

Stephanie Davis said...

yum! hehe so there "rules"! :P
tell me more about your 'sprouted grain bread' char? Ali and I just found burgen seed bread which for 2slices has only ~18g carbs :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Steph, I get Alpine Breads Spelt and Sprouted Grain bread. It has sprouted grains (linseed, barley, lentils, mung beans, soy beans and rye) mixed with spelt, rye and wholemeal flour. It's not that low in carbs (2 slices has 29g) but it's high in protein (2 slices has 10.6g). I will check out the one you mentioned. Thanks!