Friday, November 6, 2009

Gone Crazy About Food

'A large amount of work I do is with women who are recovering or dealing with eating disorders. Time and time again this issue was coming up. "I can't eat these foods, they are fat gaining foods." "I was told my thyroid stopped working because of these chemicals so now I only eat xxxx."
All of a sudden the health problems my girls were having were because of a type of carb, or chemical, or a combination of "fat gaining foods." All of a sudden the reason they were so tired and dealing with massive exasperation was because they weren't eating organic. It couldn't possibly be because they were doing 5-6 day a week extreme training programs (HIIT, supersetting, high volume, heavy weights, etc) on no calories leading to the inevitable binge fests. No, apparently it was the type of spinach they were eating.'
Source: Leigh Peele, in her interview with Tom Venuto

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