Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Year without TV

We moved into this house a year ago. The TV aerial connection was old and we weren’t able to receive a signal through it. We could have arranged to have it upgraded, but we decided not to bother. Instead, we’ve been watching DVDs from the local video store or library, or borrowing movies from friends. Rob bought the entire collection of M*A*S*H and watched every season; he’s just starting watching it for the second time.

I haven’t missed TV at all - I used to get sucked in by reality TV shows (especially on the Lifestyle channel) and would stay up watching them when I should have been sleeping. Rob has missed watching sport a bit and has been making noises about getting Foxtel connected for the rugby world cup. We’ll see, but it’s been great to know that we can manage without it.


Magda said...

I get that. I hardly watch any TV with only one show that I love and watch religiously when its on (Dancing With the Stars). I have V or Max on when ironing and thats about it.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, V and Max are great for background music. We use the radio a lot more now too!